MasterBuilt Audio Cables

Four distinct cable lines are available to accommodate a wide range of budgets; Performance, Reference, Signature and Ultra lines.  Each line of cables is designed to provide the highest level of performance in their class resulting in ultimate value.


Performance Line
MasterBuilt’s highest value cable product. Utilizing laboratory-grade 99.999% pure copper made in U.S. foundries, along with proprietary winding geometry to reduce inductance and capacitance and with very high quality connectors, the MasterBuilt Performance Line is an exceptional product that will bring your system to life, and at a reasonable price. Aerospace signal transmission technology can be yours now, so if you have spent upwards of $25,000 or more on your system, this would be the correct choice for best sound.

Reference Line
Superior to most of the hyper-expensive cables on the market that were once thought to be “references.” Indeed, the Reference Line will surpass your expectations, since it utilizes aerospace signal transmission technology not available in any other brand. Features such as laboratory-grade 6N (99.9999%) pure copper manufactured in the U.S. for mission-critical applications, proprietary winding geometry to reduce interference, along with extremely precise-fitting connectors made from exotic materials, the Reference Line of audio cables was designed for the finest quality of stereo components. If you desire sound quality of the highest caliber, you owe it to yourself to invest in the MasterBuilt Reference Line.

Signature Line
The premier audio cable of their class. Designed and manufactured to aerospace quality levels and technology standards, the Signature line sets the bar for extremely high sonic performance levels. Based on technology developed to ensure accurate spacecraft signal transmission, the Signature Line has unmeasurable coloration or reactance caused by improper winding geometry of lesser cables. The Signature Line utilize U.S. laboratory-grade Single Crystal pure copper, refined to the purest level. Combined with proprietary counter-helix winding geometry to avoid inductance and capacitance interactions, the Signature Line also offers the world’s finest quality connectors to transmit the musical signal with accuracy. If your stereo system and music is an important part of your life, the MasterBuilt Signature Line of audio cables should be your only choice.

Ultra Line
Ultra is based on exotic formulation and assembly techniques developed for information transmission systems by aerospace engineers. Numerous high profile organizations, both government and private, utilize this design for mission critical applications. MasterBuilt Audio is the only company licensed to utilize this technology for commercial audio use. Key to the audio version of the Ultra design is maintaining extremely subtle details by managing the flow of electrons through the conductors and the avoidance of interaction in both the conductors and insulating materials. Due to the extreme costs of manufacturing the proprietary metal alloys as well as the nature of this proprietary engineering design and manufacturing process, the Ultra Line is an exclusive product that is reserved for the world's finest audio systems and discerning audiophiles.