Centaur Mono
For those who demand a musical presentation free of concerns about dynamics and distortion, yet with all the delicacy and detail that a single-ended tube amp delivers, we present the Centaur Mono. The Centaur Mono incorporates all of Constellation Audio's groundbreaking amplifier technologies in a package that is, shall we say, a bit more living-room-friendly than our 275-pound-each Hercules monoblock.

Centaur Stereo

The Centaur is the only stereo amplifier in the world that can deliver the power of a large solid-state design with all the delicacy and detail of the finest single-ended triode tube amplifiers.

Virgo II (line stage preamplifier)
The original concept for the Performance Series Virgo preamplifier was to implement the same revolutionary circuit topology of our acclaimed Reference Series Altair preamp in a more cost-effective chassis. Through a substantial power supply upgrade, Virgo II now moves the Performance Series one step closer to the Reference Series.

Stereo 1.0 (stereo power amplifier)
Our original goal when we founded Constellation Audio was to apply the talents of our “dream team” of top engineers and designers to creating the finest components the audio world has ever seen. According to many noted experts, we've done just that. With this goal accomplished, we decided to see if we could bring the same concepts, the same care … and even the same audio circuits … to demanding audiophiles who crave the state of the art at a more modest cost. The Inspiration STEREO 1.0 amplifier perfectly embodies this aesthetic. It's not exactly the same as our Hercules and Centaur stereo amplifiers, but one must look carefully to discover the differences.

Mono 1.0 (monoblock power amplifier)
The Inspiration MONO 1.0 amplifier easily delivers 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms, doubling to 800 into 4 ohms. This is power enough to produce incredible, concert-hall dynamics with any speaker. Yet it is the size of a standard audio amplifier and weighs just 55 pounds. When you consider that the Centaur Monoblock weighs in at 103 pounds, and the Hercules II Monoblock at 220 pounds, the Inspiration's ability to deliver incredible power from a modestly sized chassis is remarkable indeed.