Rogue Audio

Medusa and Hydra
(Groundbreaking Triode/Class D Hybrid Amplifiers)
Imagine a new kind of power amplifier that combines the best of both the tube and solid state technologies. An energy-efficient "green" design requiring no tube biasing or regular maintenance. An amplifier having the smooth and organic sound that only tubes can provide combined with the dynamics and slam of a damping factor of over 1000.

The Titan Series
The Titan series offers outstanding performance and build quality that is accessible to almost anyone with a love for great sounding music. Entirely hand-built in the USA, the Titan products are assembled to the same exacting standards as Rogue's most expensive amplifiers.

Tempest III Integrated Amplifier
Dynamic, transparent, and profoundly musical, the Rogue Tempest III sets a new standard for integrated amplifiers. Utilizing sophisticated circuitry borrowed from Rogue's most advanced designs, the Tempest is able to outperform separates costing far more than this single box design.

Perseus Preamplifier
With newly updated circuitry including a much larger power supply, the 2009 Perseus is even better than ever. With astonishing accuracy, the Perseus reference preamplifier reveals all of the nuance and detail previously hidden in your recordings.

Ninety-Nine Preamplifier
Totally transparent yet rich with detail, the Rogue Ninety-Nine preamplifier sets a new benchmark in ultra high performance audio. Designed and engineered without compromise, the Ninety-Nine boasts ruler flat response, tremendous bandwidth, huge dynamic range, and vanishingly low levels of distortion.

Stereo 90 Amplifier
Whether your tastes run to the delicate strains of the violin or the wail of the electric guitar, the Rogue Stereo 90 power amplifier will thrill you with its precision, musicality, and impact. And with 90 watts of pure tube power, you can be sure that your amplifier won’t run out of steam before the musicians do.

Athena Preamplifier
Based on our flagship Hera preamplifier, the Athena offers reference level performance in a more compact single box design. The Athena uses four 6H30P tubes in a mu-follower configuration to provide outstanding detail and dynamics.

M-Series Monoblocks
When you are ready for the ultimate in vacuum tube amplification, look no further than the Rogue Audio M-Series of monoblocks. With 150/180 Watts of pure tube power, these monoblocks stunningly accomplish the impossible.

Hera II Preamplifier
After more than three years of research and development, Rogue Audio proudly introduces the Hera II reference preamplifier. The Hera II ’s innovative and proprietary circuitry utilizes eight of the Russian military’s 6H30P tubes in a balanced design that stretches the bounds of modern preamplifier technology.

Zeus Power Amplifier
Incredibly powerful, yet fast and nimble, the Zeus amplifier sets a new standard in the "Superamp" category. Utilizing cutting edge technology, this statement amplifier was engineered from the ground up with a single design goal – to be the finest tube amp available.

Apollo Monoblock Amplifiers
Elegant and refined, yet brutally powerful, Rogue Audio's flagship monoblock amplifiers have raised the bar for reference level amplification. The Apollo's ability to reveal the finest musical details while providing seemingly limitless dynamics are the hallmark of the finest amplifiers we have ever produced.

Stealth Phono Preamp

High performance low noise outboard mm/mc phono section.

Ares Phono Preamp

An ultra-high performance low noise tube phono preamplifier for low, medium, and high output mc and mm cartridges.

Stereo 100
The heart of the Stereo 100 consists of four matched KT120 output tubes operating in push-pull configuration. A massive fully regulated power supply ensures that low frequency information will not go unheard, and that the power and attack of transient musical passages will be recreated in full. And with a simple flip of a switch, audiophiles can choose between "pure triode" and "ultra-linear" operation to suit their tastes and power requirements.