Valve Amplification Company, Inc.

VAC Statement 450iQ
Statement 450 iQ
Monoblock Power Amplifier

The Statement iQ power amplifier is the first in a series of VAC components featuring the new VAC iQ Intelligent Continuous Automatic Bias System (patent pending). The VAC iQ System builds on the unprecedented performance of the original Statement Series and takes it to a whole new level with a set of critical enhancements.

VAC Statement Line
Statement Line

The Statement Line Amplifier is a high current, low impedance, balanced Class A1 triode vacuum tube amplifier. While inherently balanced in design, its high precision wideband transformers accomplish conversion to single-ended operation in a sonically transparent way.

VAC Statement Phono
Statement Phono

This VAC Statement dual mono triode vacuum tube phono (MM/MC, three gain modes, adjustable load, stereo/mono operation) preamplifier is designed for extreme applications. On the back panel there are two DC umbilical cords and large Amphenol aerospace connectors, a reminder of the massive dual mono power supply. There are inputs for four independent phone sources. In addition, each input may be of the conventional single-ended type or may be fully balanced.

Statement 450

Monoblock Amplifier

Statement 450 is no less than the redefinition of the term "World Class". It is not a subtle improvement. It is a whole new world.

Statement 450S

Stereo Power Amplifier

The VAC Statement Series amplifiers are designed and manufactured with full devotion to music and absolutely no regard to cost or manufacturing effort. Quite simply, they produce the most extraordinarily good sound that is possible.

Phi 200

Stereo/monoblock Power Amplifier

All of the Phi amplifiers produce the areas of beauty typically associated with good vacuum tube designs, but also go well beyond this, producing bass impact, speed, and dynamics that have converted many adherents of solid state design.

sigma mkII Signature Preamplifier Mk IIa

Deluxe, fully balanced hand-wired preamplifier with manual signal switching

Though its principal outputs, the Signature Preamplifier contains “no coupling capacitors” from input to output. No coupling capacitor hinders the purity and detail developed by the “hand-wired direct-coupled Class A1 triode” tubes.

Renaissance Mk III Master Preamplifier

The VAC Master Line Stage with its optional Master Phono Stage is an elemental, effective form of the essential developments found in the cost-no-object Statement Preamplifiers.


Sigma 160i
Sigma 160i

True integrated amplifier with proper line stage and phono stage

In the Sigma 160i, VAC has combined all of the elements of separate components into a single, well-integrated package.