VAC Statement 450s
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Phi 200i

Stereo/monoblock power amplifier
All of the Phi amplifiers produce the areas of beauty typically associated with good vacuum tube designs, but also go well beyond this, producing bass impact, speed, and dynamics that have converted many adherents of solid state design. You will be surprised by details in your recordings that you had never heard before. To many listeners, the single most surprising aspect of the Phi 200's performance is the absolutely full, powerful, dynamic portrayal of the deepest bass notes. You will hear the punch and control normally associated with solid state amplifiers, but coupled with the tunefullness, ambiance, and ring-out that only vacuum tubes seem able to develop. The ability of the user to set the amplifier for stereo or mono operation allows both freedom of application (biamp one day, monoblocks the next) and the ability to pace the development of their system. One can start with one Phi 200 in stereo mode today, and add a second one later for additional power and true monoblock performance. (black or silver)

Basic specifications: