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Sigma 160i

True integrated amplifier with proper line stage and phono stage
In the Sigma 160i, VAC has combined all of the elements of separate components into a single, well-integrated package. There is a true line stage (with optional balanced inputs), a proper volume control (not a digital or VCA control on a microchip), a superb power amplifier with direct input capability for integration into multichannel/home theater systems, and an excellent phono stage (MM standard, MC optional). To ensure coupling only when and where desired, the Sigma 160i incorporates a separate rectifiers and power filters for the preamplifier sections for greater purity and stability. Each part is a radiator or receptor of stray energy; with careful analysis and orientation, unwanted interactions can be eliminated, all while avoiding the heavy-handed approach of bandwidth-robbing shielding. At its heart, the VAC Sigma 160i just plain makes music. Coupled with its modest price relative to other VAC components and the easy to live with form factor, the Sigma deserves your careful consideration. (black or silver fascia / gold or chrome knob)

Basic specifications: