VAC Statement 450s
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Statement 450s

The VAC Statement Series amplifiers are designed and manufactured with full devotion to music and absolutely no regard to cost or manufacturing effort. Quite simply, they produce the most extraordinarily good sound that is possible. This is not a subtle improvement; it is a whole new world, and no less than the redefinition of the term "World Class". VAC's "first principles" design approach led us to four critical factors in the design of the Statement Series: increased precision of control over the drive/output circuit; architectural control over stray interactions within the amplifier; architectural control of mechanical resonances; and avoidance of electrically large, slow components. The result is a design completely unique to VAC.

The potential benefit of hand wiring is that the designer gains infinitely more freedom in "voicing" through the ability to select the brand, conductor material(s), insulation, size, and geometry of wires used to build the amplifier. This has been exploited in many previous VAC designs. However, the approach presented in the Statement Series far exceeds conventional hand wiring and previous three dimensional techniques. Careful orientation of parts in three dimensions allows passive control of radiated fields to an unprecedented degree. Special consideration of the ways in which they interact with the chassis, sensitive circuit points, and each other lead to natural ways of directing the energy without resorting to conventional shielding, which would have increased stray capacitance and introduced energy-storing eddy current effects, thus limiting openness and smearing detail. VAC's natural approach avoids these problems and greatly increases purity and resolution.

Basic specifications: