The Absolute Sound 2010 Product of the Year Awards (January 2011, Issue 209) says, "The clearaudio Concept turntable package does everything but unbox itself. For sheer musical engagement and superb speed stability it's the 'table to beat in this range."

— Reviewed by Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, Issue 209

Performance SEP
The Performance SEP features clearaudio's patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing. The CMB magnetically levitates the 40mm Delrin platter for reduced friction, greater speed stability and additional isolation. The plinth of the Performance SEP is a composite construction of brushed aluminum sandwiching an MDF core with aluminum banding. An outboard AC synchronous motor and Verify Carbon Fiber tonearm featuring a frictionless magnetic "bearing" round out the package. Made in Germany and available in satin black and silver finish.


The Ovation incorporates the technology of clearaudio’s Innovation series of turntables in a more affordable "lifestyle" design with the Concept's ease of use.

Innovation Compact Wood
The Innovation Compact Wood is based on the technology of the Innovation Wood (a TAS Golden Ear winner), but uses a single plinth without the stainless steel sub-platter. Its resonance-optimized chassis shape is based on proven clearaudio three-point design—a combination of Panzerholz (bulletproof wood), aluminum skins, and aluminum pods.

clearaudio Innovation Wood
An Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award winner, the clearaudio Innovation Wood features a resonance-optimized dual tier chassis based upon proven clearaudio three-point design - a combination of Panzerholz (bulletproof wood), aluminum skins, and aluminum pods.

 Master Innovation
The 70mm-thick, dynamically balanced platter made of resonance damping plastic with a 15mm-thick precision-machined stainless steel sub platter delivers the highest mechanical standards. The Master Innovation doubles the inertia of the Innovation.


The clearaudio Statement Turntable with integral stand represents the state of the art. The new clearaudio Statement Turntable is the result of more than 28 years of research.

TT3 Tonearm

The tonearm TT3 opens the door to the world of professional tangential tracking without any compromises. It offers perfect tangency and guarantees absolute zero tracking errors.

TT2 Tonearm
The application of clearaudio's experience, machining, design and engineering has turned this choice into a Master Class of tonearm design

Statement TT1 Tonearm

The tangential Statement Tonearm TT1 is designed and exquisitely engineered specifically for the Statement Turntable. This unique tonearm design is born of a passion for music and is the culmination of more than 30 years experience manufacturing the very finest high-end audio equipment.

Verify Tonearm

The innovative Verify - tonearm is using a friction free magnetic bearing technology and it`s design allows a very comfortable and easy set up.

Satisfy Tonearm

The Satisfy incorporates features normally associated with a few of the very best tonearms.

Unify Tonearm

To achieve ease of use, outstanding performance and great flexibility the Unify was designed as a unipivot-radial design with four different arm lengths.

Magnify Tonearm

The new Magnify - tonearm, shows its potentials right away through the rigid design and the technical solutions. It features the unique ball bearing magnet hybrid technology developed by clearaudio.

Universal Tonearm

This tonearm is handcrafted with the highest possible accuracy, but still delivers an unbeatable performance price ratio.