Custom Setup and Equipment Repair

The Audio Company also specializes in system set-up and calibration and speaker and turntable repair.

In addition to providing consultation and expert advice to help our clients obtain the highest value components for their price ranges, The Audio Company’s team of specialists offers support in the form of equipment repair and restoration as well as installation, calibration and set up for audio, video and home theater systems.

System Set-up and Calibration
With over 25 years of experience in setting up and properly tuning high-end audio and home theater systems, our expertise and computer-aided analysis tools can help track down problems in stereo and multi-channel systems, then go on to fine tune them to achieve the performance they are truly capable of. Contact us for more information. 

The Turntable Clinic technicians at The Audio Company have the expertise, experience and advanced tools to inspect, fine tune and repair turntables manufactured in the last forty years. Service and maintenance, such as cleaning, lubricating and adjusting the turntable mechanicals and tonearm typically turn around in 7-10 days. Parts such as drive belts, styli, cartridges and headshells are in-stock, and custom upgrades to wiring assemblies, suspension systems and platter mats and clamps are readily available. Send your table in for an estimate … it may prove to be the best investment you can make in revitalizing your music system. 

It is recommended that every 6 months to a year you have your stylus cleaned and inspected for wear and damage that can lead to accelerated record deterioration. The Audio Company provides this service free-of-charge, so make this important service part of your hi-fi maintenance routine. Let us help you put the musical sound of quality LP reproduction back in your life.
Contact us for more information. 


The Speaker Shop
A pair of loudspeakers with damaged drive units or rotted foam surrounds merely takes up useful space … returning nothing. A quality pair of older speakers, when restored to their original functionality can be returned to a place of prominence in your main hi-fi system or home theater, or can make a useful second system at minimal cost. Since loudspeakers progressively get smaller while their price tags rise, restoring your original speakers translates into one of the better investments you can make in your sound system. So, pull them out of storage, give them a close inspection (or let us do it) and restore their performance and appearance to what they were when you fell in love with them the first time. The Audio Company offers the finest in loudspeaker repair, upgrades and modifications. Everything from rebuilding old foam surrounds to complete driver rebuilds, crossover repair and mods, to rewiring with Audioquest internal wiring can be performed on-site. Contact us for more information.