Audio Physic

Yara II Evolution

Aren't we all exposed to a tremendous amount of ever-changing influences in our daily lives? Aren't we all surrounded by a multitude of unnecessary things? At Audio Physic, we have always maintained a strong commitment to our philosophy in terms of development. Now all our knowledge and experience have come to concentrate on the idea of reducstion. Well-versed in the science and art of loudspeaker design, we have achieved a maximum level of sound quality and design which we have also skillfully accomplished with the YARA.


Sitara is the youngest member of Audio Physic's product range. With its elegant and graceful design, the loudspeaker is a piece of art that will make bold statements about your taste and style. The qualities of the Sitara can be fully enjoyed in rooms of up to 25 m2. However with the help of one or two subwoofers, the loudspeaker is equally capable of giving a brilliant performance in much larger rooms.

Tempo 25

Over the years, the Tempo has turned into a classic in its own right, achieving international acclaim among the more affordable high-end loudspeakers. At the same time, it has become the very embodiment of all the great sound virtues that Audio Physic stands for. The result, a limited special edition named Tempo 25, is loaded with a HHCM midrange driver and a HHCT II tweeter, both at the pinnacle of driver technology. It is the first time that a loudspeaker in this price range is equipped with these drivers, borrowed from the Cardeas flagship, featuring an elegant sleek cabinet and capable of delivering a pure, powerful and precise sound in small and large rooms. To summarize the above points, Tempo 25, with the sound, which was quite different from the style seen outside, was very close and similar to its higher brother, Virgo. Impressively, the sound was not pouring forward, but the deep soundstage was well positioned behind the speakers. Unlike its slim appearance, Tempo 25 is a good product with excellent bass reproduction without any shortage and depth in the sound. As a conclusion, thanks to its slim standing style, which can adapt to even un-spacious listening room environments, Tempo has all-round advantages in sound as well as in design.

Virgo 25

The Virgo 25 was inspired by the driver and crossover technology of Audio Physic's top model, the Cardeas. The midrange drivers and tweeters are identical, while the tweeter additionally boasts the groundbreaking SSC decoupling from the loudspeaker cabinet. This means that there is no way that even the slightest resonances of the cabinet can impair the fine and delicate work of the tweeter. Timeless elegance and a highly refined sound quality combine in the Virgo 25 to produce a pair of top class loudspeakers.


The Avantera is the speaker from German manufacturer Audio Physic that replaces their Avanti and Caldera models. (Avant-i and Cald-era combined gives you Avantera.) It's Audio Physic'ss 25th Anniversary model, and features the aptly-named Hyper-Holographic midrange driver and tweeter. The sound of the system, at a price not for the faint-hearted.


In Greek and Roman mythology, Cardea was the goddess of health, thresholds and door hinges and handles, also associated with the wind. She protected children against vampires and witches, and was also the benefactress of craftsmen. Cardea means "Goddess of Protecting the children and the home". Ovid said of Cardea, in what is apparently a religious formula, "Her power is to open what is shut; to shut what is open."