Kingdom Royal

Tannoy’s flagship superior-grade audiophile two-channel speakers
The Kingdom Royal flagship loudspeaker represents the sum of Tannoy’s rich heritage, cutting-edge technical innovation and world-renowned acoustic engineering. Pushing the boundaries of high-end loudspeaker design to new levels, Kingdom Royal offers unsurpassed acoustic performance, ultra-low colouration, high efficiency and musical integrity unmatched by any other loudspeaker on the market today.


The Mercury is an exceptional two channel stereo loudspeaker for larger rooms, where its bass authority is complimented by the detail and accuracy of the mid-range and high frequencies.


two-channel audio
Defining the art of sound, Definition marries cutting edge technical innovation with 80 years of Tannoy loudspeaker heritage. The result is a true audiophile loudspeaker for the music enthusiast who will accept no compromises. From the dynamic DC8 bookshelf model for smaller rooms to the imposing DC8T and DC10T floor-standing models, the range is crafted from the finest materials and hand finished to exemplary standards. Definition is rich, articulate and expressive in sound yet equally elegant and cotemporary in style.

Revolution XT

two-channel audio and home theatre
Refined yet passionate, articulate yet authoritative, elegant yet demanding of attention: Tannoy Revolution XT changes the face of loudspeaker design. From the luxurious real wood finish trapezoidal cabinets to Tannoy’s unique Dual Concentric™ drive unit, Revolution blends cutting-edge technology with slim and stylish contemporary design to deliver musical excellence and movie performances to thrill the senses. Join the revolution!

TS2 Subwoofers

These compact domestic subwoofers draw on Tannoy’s extensive professional and stadium loudspeaker design experience to deliver class-leading low frequency drama and thunderous bass effects. Designed to excel in speed and power, each model uses a powerful digital amplifier and two large, long-throw drivers to output extremely fast and deep bass.

StirlingTurnberrySandinghamKensingtonGlenairreYorkminsterCanterberryWestministerST 200

Premium standard audiophile two-channel speakers
Tannoy Prestige loudspeakers have certainly always been out of the ordinary; wonderfully individual and totally unlike any other speakers. Distinctive, distinguished and proud, they transcend mere fashion and have captured the imagination of music connoisseurs all over the world.