Von Schweikert Audio

ULTRA Reference Loudspeakers
The entire Ultra Line benefit from one very significant advantage; a cost no object budget. Each loudspeaker in this line is built to order and incorporates the latest and greatest technical advancements to achieve the ultimate performance.

VR Reference Loudspeakers

All loudspeakers in the VR line are floor standing designs that deliver full-range, reference sound quality. While both Aktive and Passive systems can be fine-tuned for the listener’s room and preference, Aktive systems allow greater flexibility and precise tuning options. This enables VR loudspeakers to work in smaller rooms than would normally be possible, yet still have enormous power potential to energize even the largest soundrooms with holographic imaging and tonal purity. Like all other VSA products, the VR Line is built-to-order and handcrafted in the U.S.A. 

The UniField line of speakers was designed to produce powerful yet clean bass, incredible clarity, and perfect imaging that far exceeds what you would expect from speakers of their small size.


LCR-4 Center Channel Speaker
The LCR-4 Loudspeaker is a highly accurate and dynamic reference monitor system that is ideal in both 2-channel and multi-channel systems. The LCR nomenclature refers to its ability to be used in a Left, Center and Right Channel array.

ShockWave Subwoofers
The ShockWave powered subwoofer system is the ultimate low frequency bass enhancement for 2-channel audio. This subwoofer is like no other. It's designed for speed as well as deep bass extension.